Thermal Camera – Human Temperature Measurement system


With extremely simple ‘plug and play’ technology, the PT-Scan2 system is simple to set up and operate. It is accurate to within 0.3 degrees celcius and is ideal for monitoring all points of entry for abnormal temperatures.

DOWNLOAD: PT-Scan2 Info Sheet PDF


Key Points:

  • Remote, Fixed or Portable
  • Accurate to 0.3 degrees centigrade
  • Instant and simple operation
  • User set temperature alarm/warning
  • Ideal for Business, Education, Transport and Retail
  • Compact and discrete/ non invasive


The PT-Scan2 thermal camera uses the very latest (SMT) Surface Mount Technology electronic components, and incorporates very recent developments in (IC) Integrated Circuit microprocessors. This allows it to be small, light, low cost, and functionally the best available on the market.
Our research told us that most of the existing thermal cameras or sensors were using 6 – 10 year old technology.

The Package

The PT-Scan2 comes with very powerful yet simple to use software, a fixing bracket, and a USB lead to connect to your pc/laptop and screen. The PT-Scan2 does not require a seperate power supply.

Although the camera is very portable and a simple standard tripod can be used for positioning, the unit can also be mounted on a wall, ceiling or other more permanent fixture.
Protech UK can also supply:
1) tripod
2) all in one pc & HD screen
3) Web cam (the software has provision for a web cam image to also be shown in real time on the screen )


With the latest infared technology, abnormal temperatures can be detected without slowing the flow of people. The PT-Scan2 allows for Individual and group measurement therefore not requiring single file measurement.
An automatic on screen alarm can be set to produce an alert when a specific temperature is surpassed. The camera can be deployed remotely, reduces risk of infection to users.
With the latest infared sensor technology measurements can be taken and 2 – 4 Metres
While some thermal imaging systems can be complicated and require trained operators, our system is designed to be very easy set up, offerign a simple plug and play
Affordable assurance for everyone, managers, owners, workers, and the general public
Bars, Pubs, Restaurants, schools, office buildings, hospitals, care facilities, transport, homes etc.
Disclaimer: Human skin temperature is affected by a wide number of environmental and physiological factors. Elevated facial skin temperature may signify a raised body core temperature; correspondingly, an elevated core temperature may not be accompanied by a raised facial skin temperature. ProtechUK systems are accurate scientific systems that must be operated strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s operating manual. ProtechUK systems are not intended, nor designed, to diagnose or detect medical conditions including, but not limited to, viruses or other illnesses. Thermal imaging products should only be used to detect variations of surface temperature. If elevated skin temperature is detected, the finding should be confirmed by other means, for example, an approved medical thermometer. The absence of an elevated skin temperature does not exclude a fever.

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