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The PT-Pouch is an innovative idea to carry around and store your face mask. The fear is that clean masks generally get left in dirty pockets, or on surfaces which are often covered in bacteria.
The protetctive pouches contain a pack of safe disinfectant, which sanitises the mask when placed inside. The pouch can be used again and again, and overtime the disinfectant will change colour to indicate a reducing effectiveness. At this point the mask cleaner can be changed or the disinfectant pack swapped.

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The innovative mask cleaner and storage solution. Transport, store and simultaneously clean your face mask in this reusable, hygienic pouch.

A fantastic solution for a very common problem; Face masks are imporperly stored, and not often cleaned. With the PT-Pouch your mask has a home, with a neat ziplock fastener.

The innovative inner materials have anti microbial properties (unlike most handbags and jean pockets). Naturally, after a lot of use these smart materials need replacing, and will indicate so by changing colour.

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